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Oman Labour Law and Manpower Issues

Yet again, there has been a certain amount of commentary in Oman in recent weeks on the subject of the ‘no objection certificate’, or ‘NOC’. The practise in question gives an employer in Oman the power to grant or refuse a NOC to a non-Omani employee. The “objection” or “no objection” in this case, is to the employee’s proposed ‘transfer’ to another unrelated employer.

What is currently being hotly debated, though, is exactly what circumstances the relevant Omani law (colloquially called “Law No. 11”) covers.

The point of debate being?

Whether Law No. 11 (and the power to issue or refuse a NOC) concerns all non-Omani employees working in Oman, or just non-Omani employees who have completed their full original term of employment with their then-employer.

Which viewpoint is the correct one, is absolutely crucial to any non-Omani employee wanting to leave their employer, but to remain in Oman.

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